Sputnik Design Works Projects
Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra

This is one of scores of book projects produced in collaboration with Paros Press.  The GPO celebrated their centennial season in 2011, and this expansive coffee table book was created to mark the occasion.

Sputnik designed the entire book, dustjacket included.  It was a huge undertaking, but made totally gratifying by the great GPO team that did the writing and management of graphic materials.  The Greeley Historical Society came through in the 11th hour with scads of sensational 19th- and early 20th-century photos which exploded the entire landscape of the project from an orchestral history to a cultural history of a city.

I could not be prouder of any design project.

The Greeley Phil is a sensational orchestra, and you can visit their website for tickets or to buy this very cool book.  You can also contact Judy Joseph at Paros Press if you have a book project you’d like to pursue.