“Daddy, where do cartoons come from?” This little illo, one of several drawn for the SetForLife website, shows the process, from sketch to finished illustration.


The Last Comic Book

Many of you know that back in the halycon days of the 1980s, I was part of the independent (re: “not ready for prime time”) comic book creators known as Acme Comics.  We did various oddball and sci-fi comics that did pretty well at being justifiably overlooked. One of my gigs was two stories featuring “Sgt. Space Cop”, a cop from another planet who joins the Brooklyn Police Department; Those stories were sort of a claim to fame, as I became the last guy to work with Jerry Siegle, the creator of Superman back in the 1930s, but by this time an elderly senior trying to  reclaim a toehold in the comic book industry. (I’ll probably share those two stories at some point.)

What I’m posting HERE, though, is what will probably turn out to by my final comic book story, drawn in the early 2000’s.  The Sailers (and yes, the misspelling is intentional) were a cast I worked up in the Acme days, only then it was two male crewmen on-ship with the dynamic captain, Rae Nirvana. In this reboot, it’s an all-female cast, though retaining the feisty Rae.  Girls, rayguns, spaceships, and zero-gravity miniskirts.  What’s not to like? (jan 26, 2012)