Scotnik Publishing

They say every man has a book in him.  Actually, they don’t say that at all. However, I’ve gotten involved in several, including a few that I’ve published under my own mark.  Namely…

Little Chrissie Kringle! and other christmas cacophony

Seven tales of Christmas, eight little reindeer, a miracle Christmas thingie, and a whole housetop full of Santas make up this caring collection of yuletide goodies for grownups who’ve had it with holiday hoo-hah, but are still passionate enough to harbor a holiday heart. Modern Christmas carols… Cat’s Christmas… Holiday music trivia… and Little Chrissie herself! What’s not to enjoy? Available through Amazon.

Been There: The Collected Writings of Lois Johnson

My mother Lois spent a quarter century partnered with a typewriter at the Fort Dodge Messenger, a daily newspaper in the Iowa heartland. In this collection of her later columns (liberally peppered with illustrations by yours truly), she perused the broad details of her life, recollecting days on a Nebraska farm and one-room schoolhouse, and reflecting on modern American living. Bright, witty, and always with her tongue-in-cheek and her heart in the right place, her writings have found a ready audience with readers of all ages — especially with lovers of cats, since many of her articles are ghost-written by her favorite furry friend, the cantankerous kitty known as Yum-Yum. Also available through Amazon.

Twinkle and Glo

My longtime friend and colleague Judy Joseph pulled together a team of contributors to work on this inspired children’s book with the goal of helping to teach youngsters some simple basics about getting along in the world and with each other that too often go unsaid and untaught. I got to do the illustrations for Twinkle and Glo and their little pooch Bailey, while Stephanie Ball (the talented daughter of my bass player Dave!) took care of the cheerful color work.

Here’s the Twinkle and Glo website.  The little jingle is mine, too.

Judy and I work on several book projects every year through her company called Paros Press. She helps aspiring authors get their projects designed and printed, books that would probably never come to fruition without her good work.

This one too is available on Amazon!