Who Is This Scotnik Anyway?

Okay, there’s nobody REALLY named Scotnik, but people do know me as Scott Johnson. Or just Scott. Or sometimes “Sputnik”. Or often Johnson! with an exclamation point, which is how I sign my cartoon work that turns up all over town. Or if you ever see a stylized “j!” on a cartoon, that’s probably me, too.

I’ve been a graphic designer all my adult life, and have had Sputnik going strong since 2000, working for mostly corporate clients. That all grew out of a childhood obsession with TV cartoon shows and a desire to make a living doing something with “art” in the job description.

I’m also a bit of a musician (or as one guy tells me, I’m an “enabler”, in that I bring good musicians together). You can meet some of them in the Hoagies — an acoustic group playing 30’s and 40’s swing music. Some more good people I play with are in the Panache mandolin ensemble, where you’ll find me on a steroid version of the mandolin called the mandocello.

Oh, and here’s a little trivia for you. Back in the 1990’s, while cartooning with a group of independent artists (re: amateur wannabes) I was the last guy to work with Jerry Siegel, the creator of Superman. We did a couple of comic book stories featuring Sgt. Space Cop, a police officer from another planet who lands on the Brooklyn police force. In one of the stories, he went up against the vampire ghost of Adolph Hitler. That ought to tell you why I left a career in cartooning behind.